2023 CCNNZ Conference Details

Our Keynote Speakers

Elias Kanaris

His website: eliaskanaris.com

Kanaris is an author, professional keynote speaker, executive coach, leadership trainer, and entrepreneur. He has been a regular keynote presenter and he has frequently spoken to audiences in the I.T., telecommunications, insurance, financial services, real estate, and education sectors across thirteen countries on four continents. Since the early 1980s, Elias has been using humour and energy to deliver great learning experiences to his audiences.

Elias Kanaris is a thought leader in the area of resilience, leadership and building trust. He works with CEOs and their teams, building high performing team, navigating adversity and introducing T.R.U.S.T. as a business currency. With over 25 years’ experience in corporate and not-for-profit organisations, Elias has used that experience to become an expert in helping leaders lead.

He has authored three books. His latest book, ‘Leading From The Stop: Positive influence and heartfelt resilience in times of adversity’ is about the leadership lessons learned from the people of Newfoundland, Canada in the aftermath of 9/11.

Lance Burdett

His website: warninternational.com

Following a career in construction, Lance Burdett spent 22 years in the police, 13 as a crisis negotiator and was responsible for the recruitment and training of staff in the three police emergency call centres. Lance trained in New Zealand, Australia, England, and the United States with the elite units of police, prisons, emergency services, the military, and the FBI. Lance has an MA (Terrorism, Safety & Security), a Diploma in Policing, a Diploma in Business Studies, and completing a Diploma in Positive Psychology & Wellbeing.

Publishing two bestselling books – Behind the Tape, Life on the Police Frontline and Dark Side of the Brain, Adapting to Adversity – he is writing a third book on anxiety. He is also a regular media and podcast guest and provides inspirational keynotes and coaching workshops.

Lance will bring an energising session that will make you rethink a lot of aspects of your life and motivates you!

Dallas Jackson

Her bio: www.softed.com/…/dallas-jackson

With a diverse background, Dallas Jackson has navigated the realms of technology and innovation. Having led the agile transformations at Whole Foods Market and Western Digital, along with coaching Amazon and NASA, Dallas has accumulated a wealth of experience in various industries. Her journey has been characterized by a keen focus on fitting work to humans, team dynamics and agile methodologies. Dallas champions working smarter, not harder, emphasizes cross functional collaboration, and inclusive work cultures that prioritize the human aspect for impactive outcomes.

In this engaging talk on conflict de-escalation, participants will be taken on a though-provoking journey to explore innovative strategies for managing, mining and resolving conflict. The speaker will address the nuances of interpersonal conflicts, emphasizing the importance of active listening, empathy and communication styles to defuse tense situations. Though real-world examples and interactive exercises, attendees will gain valuable insight into collaborative problem solving techniques. This talk will leave audiences inspired and equipped with practical tools to navigate conflicts constructively in both personal and professional settings.

Tim Anderson

His LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/tim-anderson

Tim’s worked everywhere from multinational fast-food chains, partnered with Silicon Valley start-ups and consulted to global property developers. Tim’s intrigue with how humans behave has driven him to design and develop end to end customer experience solutions for impactful digital transformation, delivering business outcomes and driving strategic change across distributed workforces.

Over the course his career Tim’s lead the design, development and delivery of many customer experience strategies, established innovation labs, negotiated partnerships with global startups and built dynamic award-winning teams who demonstrate customer centricity critical to financial, operational and customer success.

Working in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, Tim founded FinTech QLD and has delivered design sprints and hackathons for corporates, community groups, and government agencies across Australia.

If you see Tim while walking around the conference, say hi. He’s always up for a chat about all things CX strategy and design.

Tim will be sharing how a few simple things can increase your customer satisfaction metrics by 80% and how that leads to financial returns. You’ll want to prioritise being a part of this presentation.

Elkan Seaga

His LinkedIn: nz.linkedin.com/in/elkan-seaga

Elkan Seaga is Industry Engagement Lead at RingaHora, one of the six Workforce Development Councils established to drive transformational change in the vocational education system and responsible for channelling and amplifying the voice of the service sector.

With over 10 years of experience in customer service working in the Contact Centre & Financial industry. Elkan’s area of focus is on workforce development planning, attracting & retaining the workforce, identifying pathway opportunities within the Contact Centres, fit for purpose education and training which will help to equip the workforce and meet the demands of a rapidly evolving industry.

He will speak about what Ringa Hora’s role is within the vocational education system, share what industry have identified as challenges and opportunities and the development of Industry Action Plans with actions and initiatives to help making a difference within the Contact Centre industry.

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