5 Productivity Tips for the Festive Season

With the distractions of the silly season, it’s easy to let the real work start to slide – for both leaders and their teams.  Fortunately, there are simple methods that businesses can use to foster Christmas cheer without letting performance suffer.  Here are our top tips for balancing festivities with an excellent work ethic and high productivity:


1.    Set the scene for a successful December
Set expectations for a successful December, by clarifying objectives and assigning tasks and deadlines early in the month. It can be helpful for managers to sit down with their teams, discuss the month’s goals, and reiterate expectations. This way, employees both know what’s expected of them and can be energised for an exciting month! Setting expectations will also set the scene for a successful work/life balance over December, as staff will clearly know where and when work is needed.

2.    Wrap up the year with a celebratory ribbon
What better way to end the year than to recap on the successes of 2013? Positive reinforcement adds to the celebratory atmosphere at the end of year, whilst reminding staff of the importance of high performance. Simple employee recognition efforts, such as awards at the Christmas party or thank you cards, go a long way towards promoting productivity and performance.

3.    Use quiet time to move the business forward
While it can be tempting to slow down when business does, consider using quiet time to think ahead and work on a more proactive basis. To increase your business’ access to knowledge next year, consider using informal training days to up skill employees and energise them for the year ahead.

Invite staff to share their knowledge in important areas close to Christmas, where selected staff can run a short training session for the rest of the department/workforce. Employees will appreciate the chance to learn, whilst the sessions will allow you to share the knowledge/talent of your staff where it’s needed.

4.    Motivate staff for an exciting future in 2014
Having and communicating a ‘bigger picture’ vision and goals for 2014 is essential to keeping staff motivated and excited about working with your business next year. Consider holding business-planning days and brainstorming sessions with staff to include them in the goal setting process for 2014. Your employees will stay motivated as they work through December’s goals, ensuring they return from the festive season break with a positive mindset for what’s yet to come.

5.    Promote a positive working environment
The key to getting the best from your staff is to ensure they continue to enjoy coming to work. While staff motivation is necessary for high productivity all year round, it becomes even more essential when distractions are seemingly everywhere! Encourage a positive and performance-driven workplace, where Christmas cheer and celebrations are balanced with an excellent work ethic.