CCiNZ Newsletter – December 2012

This month’s newsletter features:

  • Review of CCiNZ / Snapshotz event
  • Review of ROI Madison event
  • Merry Christmas

Tue 11th Dec, 2012

Dear %%First Name%%,

Review of the CCiNZ & Snapshotz Event
The Snapshotz online CCiNZ monthly event held in November was about the preliminary findings from the New Zealand Contact Centre Benchmarking Programme.
Hosted by Microsoft Dynamics CRM at the Microsoft offices, there was interesting and thought provoking debate based on the findings presented by Deepak from Customer Services Audit.  Industry thought leaders, vendors, consultants, CCiNZ Advisory, Customer Service managers, all combined to share thoughts and ponder the current state and future of our industry.

Here are a few comments from those present and a few photos from the event.
“For a long time we have been searching for New Zealand based research, now finally we have some”. 
“We hope this valuable piece of work will continue into the future”. 
“I hope there will be many more organisations participating as we have found the programme valuable”.

It was great to see the industry engaging in discussion. Check out the photos from the event.

It would be great to see the majority of NZ Contact Centre’s participating in this programme so that we can gain learning’s from the benchmarking information this will help us to understand our industry better.


Review of the CCiNZ & Madison ROI Event

CCiNZ, Madison and Rapid Results were really pleased with a great turn out of people who came along to hear Derek Good, Managing Director of Rapid Results present their ROI model to a very interested audience. Rapid Results have been running these ROI workshops since 2004 all over New Zealand, the UK and Singapore.  The workshop was based on being able to simplify the topic of ROI.  See comments from people who have attended this course previously:

“I thought the course was excellent. The ROI topic always seemed difficult but it was explained in a really practical and easy way”.
“I thought it was particularly impressive how the different learning styles were catered for. I would definitely attend another course by Rapid Results”.
“HUGE value! It was one of the best courses and most effective courses I’ve attended. I actually understand how to calculate the ROI and apply it to the work I’m doing”.
“Given the complexity of the subject matter, it would be easier to run a boring course, but it wasn’t the case with this workshop. Very engaging and worthwhile”.

On the night we received similar feedback and in addition to this the attendees thought it was great due to it being local for the majority and they are looking forward to the up and coming events for Team Leaders and some case studies from other Contact Centres on what they have achieved.

Here are some links for you to refer to see the Facebook page on ‘ROI discussion forum’ and a free one minute video on ROI.

If you have any questions at all, Derek is happy to assist.
Remember to let us know other topics so we can plan for these in 2013.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
CCiNZ would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Thank you to all of our sponsors and members for your support this year.  We have already started planning events for next year, and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year.  Have a safe and happy festive season


CCiNZ Team


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