Creating Thought-Leadership through the MIX

Imagine a place where people from all walks of life can pitch and discuss ideas with the single vision of reinventing management for the 21st century.

Well, it exists – the Management Innovation Exchange or more simply, the MIX.

The MIX is an ‘open innovation project aimed at reinventing management for the 21st century’.

It’s an online forum run via the MIX website and a team of forward-thinkers, including Gary Hamel, who was named by The Wall Street Journal as the ‘world’s most influential business thinker’ and Fortune magazine as ‘the world’s leading expert on business strategy’.

The MIX runs regular online competitions that invites radical concepts (hacks) or stories (case studies) from any part of the global community, regardless of qualification, level of expertise, position description or business sector.

The global community can comment, question, discuss and rate each hack and story, bumping the contribution up on the scoreboard and into the spotlight.

Prizes are awarded for the best weekly contribution and for the best overall contribution in each competition. So, there is an incentive to register and submit your own contribution to management thinking.

Reading the various hacks and stories is addictive, stimulating and a great source of management inspiration.

Here are just some of the few of the many hundreds or perhaps even thousands of thought-provoking and inspirational ideas and stories of challenging traditional management thinking by individuals from around the globe:

Reinventing the technology of human management – A must-see video by Gary Hamel that presents a compelling case for the reinvention of management for the 21st century.

Cutting the cord: Vodafone UK’s revolutionary approach to mobility, flexibility and productivity – Vodafone recounts its story of addressing the needs of Generation Y by changing the way everyone works. It’s wireless, it’s ‘weightless’ and it works.

Leadership becomes followship – Challenging traditional corporate structures and presents a New World of Work (NWoW) model to unleash the talent of each individual in an organisation.

Presence over Process – Challenging the thinking of the traditional split between front office and back office functions with a new idea of ‘service in the moment – or presence’.

A distributed social workforce drives profit and performance – LiveOps, a cloud software and applications provider, recounts the critical success factors of managing the cloud operations for the largest US-based cloud contact centre:  20,000 home-based, independent contractor contact centre agents.

Skate where the ‘organisational change puck’ will be – Exploring the four management ‘containers’ (communication, learning, organisation and performance), the digital economy and organisational change management.

The MIX website is definitely worthy of a regular visit to read – and perhaps even to submit your own – challenging material to stimulate discussion and change on the concept in management practice for the 21st century.

Why not incorporate the MIX into your company’s people development activities by encouraging them to submit during specific competitions. You can internally market their MIX contributions to the whole organisation and perhaps even run a competition to vote on the best hack or story. Not only will your employees position themselves for an international prize, but they will exercise their role in leading and changing thought within your own organisation – from any level.

Be wary, it is enlightening, compelling, inspirational and highly addictive!

By Angela Shaw, CCiNZ

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