Drake New Zealand Announces Gold Sponosorship of CCiNZ

Drake New Zealand puts its weight behind the Contact Centre industry to bolster workforce capability as Gold Sponsors of the Contact Centre of New Zealand (CCiNZ).

Drake New Zealand has announced it has renewed its annual Gold sponsorship with the Contact Centre of New Zealand (CCiNZ).  CCiNZ is New Zealand’s only Contact Centre-focused professional body and provides a network for information, support and advice to those working in the complex environment that is today’s Contact Centre.   CCiNZ was established in 2009 and is still administered by a team of experienced Contact Centre professionals today.

As Gold Sponsor of the Institute, Drake New Zealand has put its weight behind the contact centre industry to bolster workforce capability. The sponsorship continues Drake’s commitment to pioneering industry best practice and being part of the ongoing development of workforce potential in the New Zealand Contact Centre industry.

“We can add value in several ways: leading with market innovations, and demonstrating to both our clients and candidates our ability to make a difference at the grass roots level of contact centre recruitment”, says Suzanne Pratley, New Zealand Sales Manager.  “We’re also invested in helping CCiNZ members identify top performers in their Contact Centres while helping managers effectively retain these star employees by using our churn reduction tool, Drake P3”.

Nadene Gavigan, Chair of CCiNZ, adds “Drake New Zealand is a strong supporter of Contact Centres and recognises the value that a high performance Contact Centre adds to any business.  This Gold Sponsorship partnership with CCiNZ demonstrates a commitment by Drake New Zealand to the wider industry and to the continual development of the high calibre people in the organisations that we represent.  Contact Centres are an area of specialisation for Drake, and as an industry body, we’re delighted to extend our partnership this year.  By giving back in this way, Drake is taking a pivotal role in supporting the industry.”

The contact centre industry in New Zealand is undergoing significant growth.  In the last year, an increasing number of Contact Centres have ‘on-shored’ back to New Zealand, which is a direct reversal of the off-shoring trend seen in the industry for the past decade.  Pratley believes “this is due to businesses listening to their local customers who want to see more jobs created within New Zealand, improved infrastructure, and lack of awards based pay as we see in Australia”.  

Gavigan expresses similar sentiments: “The work being done so successfully by companies such as the outsource Contact Centre business Phone Plus reflects that New Zealand companies are increasingly turning to local Contact Centres rather than off shore locations.  It’s fantastic to see a rural area such as Kaikohe using telecommunication technologies to take market share and create new jobs like this.  Similarly, we recently saw both Canon and Greenstone (formerly the Shell retail and distribution brand) choose Auckland for their customer contact centre, over other international options.”

CCiNZ celebrations look set to continue with the CCiNZ awards as well as the CCiNZ conference taking place in Auckland on 20 September.  Gavigan hopes to see as many contact centre professionals attending these events as possible, as CCiNZ continues to deliver on their mission to “Support, Engage and Educate Contact Centre Professionals in New Zealand”.

For further information or to arrange an interview, please call:

Suzanne Pratley, New Zealand Sales Manager, Drake International
09 379 5610

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