First CapTel Contact Centre outside of USA opens in Auckland

Sprint, a provider in wireless accessibility, announces another milestone in the company’s effort to enable telecommunications for all. Sprint opened the first CapTel call center outside of the United States in Auckland, New Zealand. CapTel service provides captioned conversations for people with hearing loss.

Sprint marked the opening of the call center with a ceremonial call from Amy Adams, New Zealand communications and information technology minister, to Louise Carol, a New Zealand resident with hearing loss for the past 20 years.  With a special CapTel phone, users can read what the caller is saying while listening with their residual hearing. CapTel service breaks down barriers by enabling people who have hearing difficulty to enjoy telephone access.  “Collaborating with Sprint to provide CapTel service lifts telecommunications support for individuals with hearing loss to a whole new level,” said Adams, referencing the multiple relay services now available in New Zealand. “This positions New Zealand as a leader in providing telecommunications services that enable people with impaired hearing, speech and vision to participate on an equal basis with others.”

Sprint has provided relay services in New Zealand since 2004. Sprint’s long-standing relay partner, Communications Services for the Deaf (CSD), runs the call center in Auckland. “The collaboration ensures that relay users have a high-quality alternative to traditional telephone access,” said Mike Ellis, director-Relay Services for Sprint.

Posted by Veronica Silva Cusi, news correspondent