Happy Birthday ContactCentreWorld.com

ContactCenterWorld.com, the Global Association for Contact Center Best Practices & Networking is pleased to announce its 15th Birthday!

ContactCenterWorld.com originally established in the UK back in 1999 as CallCenterWorld.com relocated its HQ to North America in 2001 and at that time became one of the first in the industry to change its branding to Contact Center in recognition of the multichannel status of the industry.

The brainchild of Raj Wadhwani, ContactCenterWorld.com has over 137,000 members worldwide in all industry sectors and levels of industry professionals. ContactCenterWorld.com started off as an information resource – an electronic magazine for the industry but over the years has grown to become a powerhouse and the global association for the industry with market leading solutions and services that help managers and executives running centers improve their business through best practices and networking.

ContactCenterWorld.com recently introduced networking amongst members and also offers live instant chat between connections a member may have. Like many industry standard social media sites, ContactCenterWorld.com allows members to set up profiles which can be accessed and members can connect with each other to share messages, information and use the live chat tools to stay connected around the world.

ContactCenterWorld.com also hosts annual best practice conferences around the world where the pre-requisite for speakers is to prove they have industry leading best practices otherwise they are not permitted to speak at the event! it’s a format that is now in its 9th year with ContactCenterWorld.com (the first events we hosted were back in 2006) and the 4 events being run in 2014 including in Singapore, Orlando (FL – USA), Lisbon (Portugal) and Las Vegas (NV-USA) – details at www.ContactCenterWorld.com/conferences

Other great solutions ContactCenterWorld.com has introduced to members include TopPlace2Work.com (www.TopPlace2Work.com) – an online, easy to use confidential employee engagement tool for contact centers and companies of all types around the world.

Raj Wadhwani, President of ContactCenterWorld.com said “The past 15 years have been amazing. We have ploughed back so much into this service and are delighted to support professionals around the world, many of whom have known us for 15 years since our birth. As the industry continues to grow, we welcome thousands of new members each year and encourage everyone to spread the word that we have created an amazing association that covers the world and to join as a personal member is free at this link www.ContactCenterWorld.com/register.aspx ! I would also like to thank my staff, volunteers and supporters around the World who support what we do – they have worked tirelessly to help us grow and they have been instrumental in the past and will continue to be in the future.”