Industry predictions for 2012

CCiNZ vendor members have their finger on the pulse of the contact centre industry, so we asked them what they expect to see trending for the rest of 2012.

A common prediction is that there will be an increase in new, hybrid ways to operate contact centres enabled by cloud computing and other technological advances.

There is mixed opinion on the impact that social media will have in the contact centre industry, with predictions that corporate contact centres will increase their adoption of these communication channels; while other contact centres will investigate, but not invest their resources until there is robust evidence of return on investment.

Contact centres are also predicted to improve service delivery as well as find new ways to stand out.

Here’s what our network had to say:

Suzanne Pratley, National Contact Centre Development Manager – Drake New Zealand

“I see trends driving towards there being an increase in Virtual Contact Centre models hosted by home based agents, either as part of existing contact centres or as small contact centres in their own right.”

Nick Rodda, Managing Director – Global Speech Networks

  • “Increasing adoption of social media channels by corporates.
  • Increased focus on external metrics and customer opinion through NPS studies. The move to operationalise the NPS data to drive behavioural change and customer focused culture. 
  • Strong adoption of cloud and Saas solutions. 
  • Refresh of contact centre technology will move strongly towards Saas solutions rather than premise-based.
  • Adoption of Saas adjunct solutions into the contact centre will increase. That is, organisations will retro fit their contact centres with add on Saas solutions to supplement their premise based contact centre solutions. Hybrid environments will dominate over the next few years as the refresh cycle works its way through and more and more technologies move to the cloud. 
  • Saas offerings will begin to differentiate on value added services and the arrival of technology and practises.” 

The Team from Madison

“There will be an increase in flexible working arrangements including an increase in home-based contact centre agents enabled by technological developments.” Susan Gray, Client Relationship Manager – The Madison Group 

“Social media will play a bigger part in candidate attraction and video advertising will become more popular, as companies have to become more savvy in the way that they recruit.” Rebecca O’Hagan, Senior Consultant –Madison Recruitment

“Great contact centre candidates will be choosier with their employment selection and seek higher salaries. Companies will have to meet this in order to hire the best suited staff.” Kerrie Gregory, Manager – Business Support and Contact Centre – Madison Recruitment

Lisa Wall, Marketing Manager – Cackle

“I believe contact centres will research social media as platforms, but not take them under their wing during 2012 as new communications channels.”

“The global economy doesn’t provide full confidence yet to risk the return on the investment of new platforms and communications channels, unless they are definitely going to provide a return on your investment. I feel that prudent contact centres in New Zealand will watch from the sidelines as utilisation of social media channels in contact centres increase internationally and recognised guidelines emerge backed-up with relevant business cases where operating costs are reduced and customer satisfaction improves.”

Derek Good, Director – Rapid Results

“2012 will see more organisations looking to improve their service delivery through their contact centres and actively look for ways to stand out.”

Deepak Selvaratnam, Director – Customer Services Audit

  • “Connecting emotionally to a customer is far more important to the organisation than rationally satisfying a customer. 
  • Quality or ‘fit for purpose customer service’ is not an option but a necessity!
  • Harnessing currently available system and application functionality to do more with less or completely starting afresh is a definitive trend.
  • SIP should be checked out!
  • Whilst approximately 9% – 12 % of customer service managers understand HSE in the context of contact centres there is growing acceptance for focus driven by legislation as well as greater understanding of how HSE contributes to greater productivity.
  • Customer service management is now becoming more of a science than an art.
  • In shoring, off shoring, outsourcing is continuing to grow with over 12% of Snapshotz users having moved all or some of their business to one of these services and another 11% in the process of considering doing so.”

What do you predict will be the trends over the next nine months? Is there anything that you agree or disagree with? Would you like to know more about any of these predictions?

Let us know by commenting below or on Linkedin.

By Angela Shaw, CCiNZ