MSD Course

Online Virtual Contact Centre Course

The course is funded by the Ministry and will focus on a number of aspects of customer interaction and contact centre skills.

Interested in joining a contact centre training course? The Ministry of Social Development and CCNNZ have partnered with two contact centre industry providers to offer a special certified online course that will help you become employment ready in the contact centre and similar industries!

To register your interest in the course, send an email to or signup below:

The Latest Placement Program

We are thrilled to initiate the latest phase of the Contact Centre Placement Program, designed to prepare candidates for roles within the contact centre industry. They started the online program on Thursday, November 16th, where 11 selected candidates are engaging in a comprehensive 2-week program encompassing critical components such as contact centre operations, customer service proficiency, interview techniques, and the art of crafting impactful CVs. This cohort of 11 candidates represents a segment of a larger group comprising 40 individuals from the Waikato Region. The training aims to ensure their preparedness for employment prospects extending from the present period until early 2024. The commitment and dedication of these participants align with our collective vision to foster employment readiness and proficiency within the contact centre industry. We anticipate this initiative will cultivate a pool of skilled professionals ready to contribute significantly to the industry’s workforce. Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm as we embark on this journey to empower individuals seeking opportunities in the contact centre and allied industries.

Download the PDF course flyer