New Vendor Entering NZ Contact Centre Market

Last month CCiNZ was contacted by NZ Trade Connection to assist them with exploratory discussions for a possible new entry into the New Zealand contact centre market.

Although we can’t yet mention the vendor’s name due to the current commercial sensitivity of this, the potential new business is the leading cloud-based, multi-channel commerce platform for small and medium-sized businesses. Based out of Canada, they are looking to set up a technical support contact centre to complement their 24/7 ‘follow the sun’ model they currently deployed in Canada, USA and Ireland.  With over 3,000 existing staff, they expect to increase that by another 2,000 this year alone, and they are looking to employ many of those here in New Zealand solely via their ‘work from home model’.

CCiNZ talked to the potential vendor at length around both the excellent opportunities and the realistic challenges that we all face as operators within our industry. This was especially around recruitment which will be a significant contributor for them to achieve their goals. CCiNZ was able to introduce the vendor to our sponsors and partners who specialise in the ‘working from home’ space along with our key organisational partners within the industry to assist them with their scoping phase.

This could be a great coup for New Zealand! They are wanting to provide a clean, green and sustainable operating model which will provide a very large number of jobs for our industry. They are extremely eager to be a part of CCiNZ and align closely with our practices. We’ll keep you updated with their progress over the coming months.