Nigel Latta will talk about….

Our 2018 CCiNZ Conference keynote speaker, Nigel Latta, has provided us a teaser on what he will be discussing…

Human beings weren’t really designed for change. Most of our time here on this little blue-green planet has been a much simpler, much less complex affair. For a long time, there were no staff meetings, no building inspectors, no talent shows and no smart phones. We were born, we hunted, gathered, reproduced, hunted a bit more, and died.

Our lives are far more different and, in fact, they’re even far more different than that of our parents. In this globalized, hyper connected, market driven world that we all live in now, it’s not about whether you like change or not, because the truth is it’s change or die. Constant change and adaptation is the only way businesses can survive now, and so bringing all the people in that business along with the change is fundamentally important.

In this presentation, I’ll show you what all this has to do with ukuleles and helicopters, how neuroscience can explain why change is often so difficult, and provide a few simple pointers so you can help the people you’re travelling with to survive and thrive in a world where contant change is the key to everything. 

We are so excited to hear more on the 14th of September! Book now by clicking here.