Orcon looking to relocate its Contact Centre from Manila back to NZ

Internet service provider Orcon is looking at relocating its Philippines call centre to Southland, Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt says.  Yesterday, Mr Shadbolt said Orcon had decided to move its call centre from Manila back to New Zealand, and he had been involved in initial discussions about establishing it in Invercargill.

“It’s sounding very interesting. Usually our businesses are all heading off overseas to take advantage of cheap labour, I guess, and in this case it’s reversing the process.”  Invercargill was one of several places being considered as a potential base for the call centre, as the company preferred a regional location over a big city, Mr Shadbolt said. He believed about 25 jobs would be created.

Although nothing was confirmed and several other areas were also being consulted about the centre, Mr Shadbolt said the company had seemed impressed by what the city could offer. The next step was to organise a meeting between Venture Southland, Southern Institute of Technology and the Invercargill City Council to prepare a strong bid from the city for the centre.He expected the meeting to take place in a few weeks.  Mr Shadbolt also believed SIT was establishing a call centre training course at the Invercargill campus, which would enhance the city’s bid. However, SIT staff said yesterday they were unaware of the course.

Orcon head of branding and communications Quentin Reade would not confirm the company was considering shifting its call centre to Invercargill.  “A strategic review of Orcon’s core operations is under way, but no decisions regarding Orcon’s customer call centre have been made,” he said.

Orcon is New Zealand’s fourth-largest internet service provider, servicing about 56,000 broadband subscribers throughout the country.

Lauren Hayes, 20 April 2013, Southland Times