Scammers claiming to be collecting money for charity

 The Child Cancer Foundation warns that New Zealanders are being targeted by scammers claiming to be collecting money for the charity.

CCF says it has received reports that a caller with a foreign accent has phoned members of the public throughout New Zealand. The calls were from a call centre type environment as there were other voices in the background.

“That anyone could action such a scam for personal financial gain is baffling. Such actions are a sad indictment on some individuals,” CCF acting chief executive Simon Lala said on Monday.

CCF says it does not use foreign call centres and the 2014 Child Cancer Appeal would run through March, with a street collection on Friday, March 21.

Police have been notified about the scam and advise members of the public to report calls from anyone claiming to be collecting for CCF on the Scamwatch website (

2014 NZN, NZ City