Setting Up New Employees for Success

1st day new employee starting – can they actually start work?

Ensuring you have everything ready for your new employees on their first day sets a great first impression.

  • Would you invite your friends over for dinner and only prepare for their arrival by setting the table? 
  • Not plan a menu, shop for food, tidy the house and greet them at the door when they arrived?

Most businesses rely heavily on computers, software and phones for their employees to do their jobs. So having these basic things set up should be a given.

What are you telling your employees on their first day of work if they do not have the tools to do their job?

  • Don’t worry about delivering on time
  • You are not important
  • We don’t follow up
  • We are disorganised

Your staff are also your customers


  1. Write a checklist of who needs to do what to set up a new employee.
  2. Assign the checklist to the person who is the best host & great at follow up in your organisation.
  3. When the new staff member starts, get the host/ buddy to show them around and answer questions.

TIP: Remember to allow time for delivery and setup of equipment.

By Fiona Hall, Kiffin


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