Social Customer Service

In this guest post, Head of Consulting at Propel Adam Corney briefly covers the need to run a regular review of your social customer service and shares a resource with practical steps to help you do so successfully.

The worst case scenario for any organisation is building a social customer service function that can’t maintain response times and quality standards. We once had a client that had a wait time of four days to respond to a simple Facebook direct message, let alone any public facing posts or comments!

Without properly utilising data, processes and other internal stakeholders, social customer service will fall over. Queues begin to bloat and wait times start to mirror or even surpass those experienced on email or phone (which can sometimes be upwards of 12 hours!). While customers are the first to suffer, organisations are the ones hit hardest: almost 50% of consumers will stop buying from a brand after just one bad experience.

Often, it’s what you don’t know that presents the greatest risk. It may sound simple, but a review of strategy, process, data and team integration is a great way to surface any ‘unknowns’ and set your social customer service function up for success.

We’ve taken that thinking and distilled it into a practical resource for you to benefit from and hope you find value in the information. You can find it here.