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10 Major Benefits of Systems Integration with Cloud Contact Centre Solutions

 5 Step plan for running customer-2-business

Event-driven Architecture in a Responsive Enterprise

A Starter’s Guide to Launching VoIP Services

Next Level Service Desk Strategies

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The Evolving Role of Process Automation

The Helpdesk of the Future

Unified Communications Accelerates Business Processes

Achieving Seamless Support  – Integrating self-service with multi-channel assisted support

All-in-One versus Individual Best-of-Breed Solutions

A Customer IP Communications System Roadmap

Case Study:  Horizons Regional Council replaced its existing Interactive Voice Response [IVR] phone system with a new Interactive Intelligence IP telephony solution. The move was prompted by disaster recovery considerations; the need to maintain inbound and outbound calls during a natural disaster.

How to Choose the Right Cord for your Wired Headset

Case Study:  Massey University is New Zealand’s only national university with three campuses on the North Island and a distance learning programme. About 4,500 staff service Massey’s 35,000 students.

Case Study:  Met Service were faced with the challenge in 2006 of replacing an ageing phone switch system, voicemail and Interactive Voice Response [IVR] system that no longer met its demands.

Case Study:  Orcon is New Zealand’s fastest growing and fourth largest telecommunications provider. They needed to replace the existing phone system to cope with 28,000 calls per month – and growing.

A Practical Guide to Migrating to VoIP

A Practical Guide to Automating Key Business Processes

A Practical Guide to Making SMS a Valuble Media Channel for Business

Top 10 Customer Satisfaction Best Practices for Contact Centre IVR Surveys

Case Study:  URS is a professional services company that provides engineering and environamental expertise. Despite damage caused by an office fire, it took just 30 hours for URS to put its recovery plans into action.

Case Study:  Victoria University of Wellington

Accelerating Unified Communications with an Enterprise-Wide Architecture

Case Study:  AccuQuote, the first Process Automation customer of Interactive Intelligence. Share their journey from concept through implementation to reveal the final Return on Investment (ROI).  Part One, Part Two, Part Three.

Why CRM failed the Customer

How SIP and Web Services Transform Voice Self Service