Continuous improvement of knowledge and skills is critical for staying current and advancing your career training organisation
CCNNZ encourages members to continually develop and improve their knowledge and skills.


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The Skills

The Skills Organisation is committed to workplace capability.  They work with the Contact Centre industry to help people in the workplace gain recognition in the form of qualifications for the work that they are doing.  Skills has had a long association with this sector as an Industry Training Organisation (ITO).  In this capacity they have developed unit standards and qualifications that are nationally recognised on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework.  They provide assessment programmes that formally measure how workplace training reflects the competency requirements of selected qualifications.

You are learning while you are working.  You are learning when you do product training.  You are learning when you are having coaching sessions with your team leaders.  You are constantly learning on the job when you face new situations that you need to deal with.  Skills Assessment Resources provide you with the opportunity to reflect on what you know and put it into a framework that can be measured, and you can be awarded a qualification.

Skills have qualification pathways that reflect the career growth that happens with a Contact Centre.  As you move through your career you can gain more qualifications that reflect the work that you do.

These qualifications are listed below:

New Zealand Certificate in Contact Centre Level 3 version 2

This qualification measures fundamental skills for working in a Contact Centre environment. Delivery is via Skills Assessment resources (workbooks) and will soon to be available as Online learning and assessment modules.

Topics covered in the assessments include:

  • Health and Safety in the workplace
  • Emotional and mental wellbeing
  • Building effective relationships
  • Legislation relevant to the Contact Centre environment
  • Product and service Knowledge
  • Customer Knowledge
  • Technology and systems used in a Contact Centre
  • Customer Service Techniques
  • Quality frameworks
  • Challenging Interactions

New Zealand Certificate in Business (Introduction to Team Leader) Level 3

This qualification is ideal for people who are new to team leadership or have the potential to be appointed to a team leader role.  There are no entry requirements, however the learners must have access to workplace processes and procedures for team leaders.

Delivery is via Skills Assessment resources or workbooks.  There are three modules:

  • Apply principles for effective team performance within a team.
  • Develop objectives for a team.
  • Describe and compare different styles of team leadership for a business entity.

New Zealand Certificate in Business (First Line Management) Level 4

This qualification is a great professional development option for experienced managers. It focuses managers on the skills they need to draw out the best in their teams, to communicate effectively with stakeholders and how to create culturally inclusive environments.  This qualification is designed for those who are already managing a team.

Delivery is via Skills Assessment resources or workbooks.  There are two modules:

  • Manage a team to contribute to a business entity’s objectives.
  • Manage workflows.

New Zealand Certificate in Project Management (Level 4)

As part of daily workplace activities, staff work on the planning and delivery of projects to improve business practice and processes.  This qualification is for anyone who is working in a broad range of support roles as a project team member and takes responsibility for some parts of a project.  Skills define a project as a one-off event that leads to business-as-usual.

Delivery is via a Skills Recognition process.  

  • You complete a self-assessment describing the project and your role with it.  This includes a verification statement from your manager.
  • You complete an evidence portfolio that supports the planning, execution, monitoring and control and closing of a project.
  • You take part in an assessment discussion to clarify the evidence you have provided.

For more information and to speak with someone about how you can take part in this journey click


Continuous improvement of knowledge and skills is critical for staying current and advancing your career training organisation

CCNNZ encourages members to continually develop and improve their knowledge and skills.


LearningPlanet provide short micro learning video tips available through a growing library of 1 minute and 10 minute videos.

Each month a new sample video will appear on this page, so keep coming back for more great ways to deal with customers and your teams!

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Calming Upset Customers

Rapid Results Contact Centre Management Course

The Contact Centre Management course is a practical classroom based programme over 4 one day sessions spread over 3 months including 3 workplace assignments and a final exam. There will be opportunities for the participants to network, share stories and interact with each other. The course focuses on practical skills to be able to implement back on the job.

Each participant will receive a workbook for the course and a certificate of course completion upon satisfactory assignment and final exam results.

The areas focussed on for this training will provide the following outcomes:

  • Practical understanding and experience of contact centre management practices
  • Easy application of skills and knowledge in workplace situations
  • Real time relevant abilities to take on management roles
  • Improved existing manager skill sets
  • Increased confidence in areas of focus for succession planning
  • Increased level of engagement within the contact centre industry
  • Networking opportunities and interaction with other participants & peers

This course is proudly supported by CCiNZ and all members receive a 10% discount. Find out more about the course and how to book your place on the next session here. Read about how this course has provided value to Nicola Crow and the way that she operates her Centre of Performing Arts (THE EDGE) contact centre.

The Skills Organisation

The Skills Organisation is the industry training organisation (ITO) for the Contact Centre industry and is responsible for helping Contact Centres and their staff to get the skills they need to do a great job. Recognised by Government and the industry as the national standards setting body, The Skills Organisation operates nationally with a team of training managers, supporting workplaces and their staff to achieve success.

National qualifications training is industry-specific skills-based training, which recognises the skills and experience staff gain or are learning in the the workplace. All unit standards and national qualifications are registered on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) and are gained through competency-based training and assessment.

Many organisations discover their existing training programmes cover the  same topics as the national qualifications and this increases the benefits for both.

There are four nationally recognised qualifications for Contact Centre professionals, providing a clear pathway for your industry.

Contact Centre Qualifications

National Certificate in Contact Centre Operations (Level 3)

By gaining this qualification, the trainee shows they can work effectively as a customer service representative (CSR), performing the day-to-day tasks required in a Contact Centre. Skills recognised include:

  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Time and Stress Management
  • Computing
  • Communication
National Certificate in Contact Centres with strands in:
  • Senior Customer Service Representative (Level 3)
  • Team Leader (Level 4)
For those working as, or training towards, a senior CSR or Team Leader role in a Contact Centre, this qualification covers a wider range of skills, including:
  • First Line Management
  • Staff Coordination and Development
  • Contact Centre Operations
National Diploma in Contact Centre Management (Level 5)
This qualification is designed for people who hold, or aspire to, management roles above first line management in Contact Centres. Specific skills recognised include:
  • Planning and allocating work
  • Use of Contact Centre technology
  • Managing the operation of a Contact Centre
  • Preparation of business plans and budgets
  • Awareness and application of technology developments
For more information about The Skills Organisation qualifications and training outcomes, view their website.

Workforce Planning Professionals NZ (WPPNZ)

Call Centre Staffing

The complete, practical guide to workforce management takes the reader through the step-by-step processing of forecasting workload, calculating staff, creating schedules, tracking daily performance, and managing the numbers in a call centre. Free Staffing Software – Quikstaff – an easy to use staffing calculation tool to determine staffing needs and evaluate staffing, service and cost trade-offs. Course Workbook – 170 page workbook of the course material.

Sessions covered in the two-day course include: Data gathering and analysis, Forecasting call centre workload, Planning resource requirements, Understanding staffing tradeoffs, Scheduling principles, Managing daily principles, Managing attendance and adherence.

The cost to attend this event is NZD$2,295 + GST per person, including 170 page course workbook, course text, software, lunch and refreshments.

Dynamics of Call Center Peformance
Leading and managing call centre staff requires specialised skills and knowledge to ensure that they perform to their potential and stay motivated to deliver excellent service. Learn strategies for defining a performance measurement system, including how to identify the top twenty performance measures for your call centre. 
An overview of workforce management for call centre supervisors and managers is covered. Students will learn about the challenges of workforce planning, the detailed steps of forecasting and scheduling, and the important concept of the Power of One in call centre staffing.
Sessions covered in the two-day course include: Workforce Management, Performance Measurement, Performance Review and Coaching.
Students will also learn:
– To translate top metrics into effective call centre management reports 
– The benefits of coaching 
– How to set up a coaching session and communicate effectively, 
– To deliver consequences that shape performance effectively.
The cost to attend this event is NZD$2,295 + GST per person, including course workbook, course text, lunch and refreshments. 

For information about these courses, contact WPPNZ by visiting




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