What you should ask your supplier about call recorders for your business?

If you are looking at call recording for your business then you might find the following questions useful.

1. How quickly can I find and play back calls?

2. Can I listen to calls from another site?

3. How can my trainers use call recording?

4. What costs are involved?

5. What if I only want to record a specific team or staff member?

6. What happens if we employ more people or downsize?

7. Will the system meet compliance and regulations in New Zealand?

8. What operational support can I get immediately

9. How long should the system last?

10. What reporting and information will the call recorder provide?

11. How long does it take to install?

12. What business disruption takes place during installation?

13. Will call recording work with our existing equipment and if we change telephone systems in the future?

14. If one part of the call recording fails, does that mean all of it does?

15. Is the system secure? Does it prevent information theft?

16. Can we tailor reports if needed?

17. Where is the data stored?

18. Is the information backed up and is long-term archiving available?

19. What are the options for disaster recovery?


Cackle sml  By Lisa Wall, Marketing Manager, Cackle Telecommunications


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