Why do New Zealand call centres NOT use voice recording?

The reasons why New Zealanders don’t commonly use voice recording are pretty straight forward. However, there are many technology platforms, which the rest-of-the-world use to their benefit, which NZ businesses can’t even start to entertain.

Is it all to do with our size and scalability? Maybe so.

Laurie Smith, Director of CRM Consulting, spends a lot of time bench marking New Zealand contact centres and evaluating their effectiveness. She suggests that “call recording is essentially cost-prohibitive for New Zealand call centres.”

We totally agree with Laurie, that affordability the main contributing factor, however could there be some other reasons which go hand-in-hand with affordability? Here are some suggestions in order of insurmountability for why we don’t use voice recording.

1. Affordability

2. Lack of time or staff resources to implement to obtain a full benefit

3. Lack of management ‘buy-in’ or commitment

4. Lack of understanding on how to get a return on your investment

Affordability and Business Improvement with Voice Recording in Call Centres

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Cackle sml  By Lisa Wall, Marketing Manager, Cackle