Women In Leadership

In March this year, Business Chicks in partnership with BSchool and CLA surveyed 2,752 women in business. The research found that the biggest challenges facing women when pursuing their career goals are:

1. HAVING OPPORTUNITIES FOR PROMOTION; the ongoing existence of the glass ceiling, ‘old boys clubs’ and being excluded from consideration for roles on the basis of being female
2. DEALING WITH UNCONSCIOUS (OR CONSCIOUS) BIAS including unfair perceptions that others have of their abilities and potential as leaders
3. MULTIPLE ROLE CONFLICT encompassing parental and other carer responsibilities and the many associated issues 
4. WOMEN’S OWN MINDSET; internalised feelings of self-doubt, lacking the confidence to challenge the status quo
5. LACK OF SUPPORT BY OTHER WOMEN IN BUSINESS; either due to having minimal female role models, limited access to networks of women or even from experiencing negative behaviour by women who have been successful in attaining their own goals

Click here for the full survey report.